The Aftermath Of Rams-Ravens

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Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo addressed the media on Monday, and needless to say it wasn’t the most upbeat presser of all time. I thought he certainly had some interesting things to say about Sunday’s game, especially when he discussed the issues with the defense. According to Spags, the team game-planned to stop Ray Rice. Apparently, they forgot that the Ravens also employ a pretty good quarterback and some talented receivers. Here’s the quote: “Now, here’s what happened and as you watch the film we kind of felt during the game, but it was evident there were, I’m going to roughly say between eight and 10, maybe as many as 11 plays that they called as run plays. But because we had decided to take away 27 (Ray Rice), they turned into pass plays. Now, I think the quarterback when it was all said and done was the guy that beat us. And that’s pretty evident when you throw for 389 (yards), but when I say that it’s because his ability to recognize what we were doing and then him and the receivers being on the same page.” I don’t think I really need to say anything else, because that quote pretty much says it all.

Speaking of defense, Spags addressed the play of Justin King as well. I’ve made it no secret that I don’t believe King should be allowed on the field at this point, but the head coach doesn’t feel the same way. “I wouldn’t bench King  anyways. I would say this about Justin King, did he struggle on a couple plays? Yes, but that guy played his butt off the whole game. You watch a couple of plays, he’s throwing himself in there. He caused a fumble on Joe Flacco there, which I thought was a good play. He’s all over the place and he’s playing nickel and he is playing corner. I’ll go to battle with Justin King.” I’m all for standing up for your players, but I know I wouldn’t want King on the battlefield with me. He’s proven he can’t cover anybody. Keep reading for the injury report….