Rams In The Hood


In a move that probably should have happened a few weeks ago, the Rams went out and got cornerback help on Tuesday. According to sources, the team signed veteran CB Rod Hood, 29, who has spent eight years in the NFL. Hood is expected to be at practice in full on Wednesday. Some of you may remember him from his time in Arizona with the Cardinals, but he missed the entire 2010 season with a torn ACL. Overall in his career, Hood has 14 interceptions in 94 NFL games.

All I can say is … it’s about time. I’m not going to sit here and say that Hood is some great, diamond-in-the-rough player who is going to solve all our problems, but it has been evident that we need some depth at the corner position. Hood might need some time to get acquainted with the system, but I would expect to see him on the field very soon. We couldn’t keep going with just the corners on our current roster, so I commend the front office for going out and making a move. I don’t know what affect this will have on the much-maligned Justin King, but let’s hope this is the first step in phasing him out of the defense. Speaking of King, a listener of 101 ESPN radio in St. Louis had the line of the week on Tuesday during the “I’m just saying …” segment of “The Fast Lane.” For those of you who don’t know, “I’m just saying …” is a game in which the hosts and listeners make statements about whatever they want, with the preface of “I’m just saying” allowing you to say anything radio-friendly without anyone passing judgement. If this offends anyone I apologize, but I’m just repeating what was said on the radio: “I’m just saying … Justin King has been getting beaten so bad this season he should change his name to Rodney King.”