Meet The Rams Week 4 Opponent: Redskins


Here is this week’s installment of our crossover with the Rams opponent for the upcoming week. I had a chance to chat with Redskins writer Ryan Estorninos from Riggo’s Rag about the upcoming game, so here’s his answers to my questions. If you want to see my answers, head over to the Redskins site to check it out.

1. Tim Hightower has notoriously been a Rams killer during his career with Arizona, so talk about how he has looked this season and what kind of workload he will be getting this week compared to Roy Helu.

Hightower hasn’t had a stellar session thus far, and Shanahan looks to be ready to dip into the backfield’s depth.  Ryan Torain was said to be prepared to enter the game versus the Cowboys.  If Hightower doesn’t get off to a hot start, look for Helu and Torain to get more carries.  Remember it was last year versus the Rams that Torain began taking a majority of carries from Clinton Portis.

2. What Rex Grossman is going to show up this week? Are the Rams going to get Good Rex or Bad Rex?

The safe bet to make is a mix of both.  I think Grossman knows the offense well enough to be successful, but his decision making has been his own worst enemy.

3. Jim Haslett spent time here in St. Louis, so we know what he’s all about when it comes to blitzing. How are Redskins fans liking Haslett and how would you break down the weapons at his disposal on the defense?

His 3-4 defense has been much better this year.  The pass rush has been more successful, but at times the high risk has led to big plays.  I think it will be feast of famine.  There will be big plays for the defense but they will give up plays as well.

4. Former Rams OJ Atogwe and Adam Carriker are both in Washington, so what is your take on those two guys?

They have both been good solid players.  Atogwe hasn’t been here long enough to make a big play, but the defense is confident on what he can bring.

5. I heard Grossman say in an interview earlier this season that the Skins are a team that has no flaws. With that being said, why do the Redskins even have to show up to play the games and how is it possible that they lost to the Cowboys last week? (LOL My friends and I have had a lot of fun with this quote from Rex over the last few weeks so I had to say something about it)

You have to show me where he said that.  Do you have citation?  He has said that they have the talent to win the NFC East and that he feels his WR core is the most talented in the NFC East.  But he never said they have no flaws.  You’ve probably been getting Redskins news from a Cowboys site. (Just for reference, I heard Grossman say the above quote with my own ears on ESPN Radio after his team’s Week 1 win.)