Rams Lose Again, Fall To 0-4

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For the first three quarter on Sunday, the St. Louis Rams looked almost as bad as they did a week ago in their brutal 37-7 loss to the Ravens. The team rallied over the last 15 minutes to make it a game on Sunday, but in the end a 17-point deficit was too much to overcome as the Rams fell to the Washington Redskins 17-10.

I was at the game again this week, and the first three quarters were just plain awful again. That’s pretty much 7 straight quarters, and probably more than that going back to the Monday Night Game, that the Rams have been inept on both sides of the ball. The fourth quarter was a different story today, however, at least for the defense. I thought the players on that side of the  ball really showed some life in the second half, but unfortunately the offense was still unable to sustain any kind of regular ball movement. They did manage a touchdown on a nice pass from Sam Bradford to Steven Jackson, but the thing that really bothered me was the way the offense operated after the James Laurinaitis interception that set them up on the Redskins 19-yard line with over five minutes left down 17-10. You have all the momentum in the world after the score and pick, the crowd is finally getting into the game for the first time since Week 1, and not only do you not tie the game, but your mistakes push you out of field goal range and you leave with nothing. I don’t know if the Rams would have kicked if they hadn’t moved backwards since they were down 7, but the point is that, for the most part, the offense was unacceptable again today. Read more after the jump…