Rams Lose Again, Fall To 0-4

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I’ve been as big a Sam Bradford supporter as anyone since he was drafted before last season, but I’m starting to think that we have to heap some of the blame for this offense on him at this point. I know the offensive line has been inexcusably bad thus far, but I watched Bradford close today and he tends to hold onto the ball a bit long on occasion, and I thought his accuracy looked sub-par today even when he did have time. He missed several open receivers, and even on some of the completions and drops the ball was just a little bit off. I don’t kn0w if his finger is effecting him or what, but I thought he really struggled today. As far as the drops go, I don’t even know what to say anymore. I don’t know how many drops we finished with, but this kind of thing shouldn’t still be happening in Week 4.

So, the Rams are 0-4 heading into the bye, and not only is it realistic that they will be 0-7 a month from now, but it’s starting to look like almost a certainty. The good news is that the team has 2 weeks to get some things fixed before they are back out there on the field, so maybe we will see a different Rams team when they take to Lambeau Field to play the Packers. Also, I brought my camera to the Dome today, so when I get them uploaded and edited later tonight, I will post as many as I can.