Did you watch the highlights of your receivers? Our only good receiver is Danny but he is out and Mark Clayton, he is out as well. We cannot wait. We need to release My Hands can’t catch (MSW) and get T.O. We had chances to get a good wide out but we thought we didn’t need one. Well not me I posted that we need a WR every day. I believe this team will go 6-10 now maybe 1-15 again. I was so hyped now I’m so quiet. But I do think the front office shouldn’t have done our schedule this way. All our division games are at the end of the season. I think they wanted us to be the sloppy Rams once again. Week 7 will make a big difference with Mark and Danny back. Last week my predictions were 3-4. Now they are 0-7. Then we could go 4-5 the next 9. 4-12 this season, so well let’s get ready for the draft then. Our focus better be a WR or I’m not getting hyped like I did last year. The only thing I’m watching this year is Bradford’s 3,000 yard passing try and Jackson 1000 yard rushing try. The only two who tries their hardest? Mr. Lance Kendricks. DO NOT DROP THE BALL!!! HOLD ON THAT THING LIKE IT’S A NEW BORN BABY. Also until I see a Rams win I will be putting the Title in CAPS.