JT Chat Recap: Rams Coaches On Hot Seat

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As far as firing coaches goes, I want to see what happens after the bye before I make an assessment. This team has two weeks to get significantly better, and although there is really no excuse for how this team has played thus far, I’m willing to wait to see how they respond after some time to regroup. If the Rams show up and clean up their play in all aspects of the game, whether they win or not, I could get back on board with Spags and Co. I think the game against the Packers will be very telling. It might not necessarily mean they win the game, but if the team shows up and competes and looks like they belong on the field with the defending champs, I think there will be more optimism. The team didn’t respond when their backs were against the wall heading into the game against Washington, so this might be their last chance.