Week 5 Without The Rams


Normally, I hate the Rams bye week. It’s almost like a wasted Sunday for me. But honestly, this season, I’m relieved that I’m going to have a Sunday that I don’t have to worry about what the Rams will be doing. I can watch whatever NFL games I want at noon (with Directv Sunday Ticket) and follow how my fantasy team is doing, and then at 3 p.m. I can tune into Game 1 of the NLCS to watch the Cardinals and Brewers. I don’t have to stress about the problems with the Rams offense or their inability to stop the run. Instead, I can save all that stress for the Cards, because I get a little crazy come playoff time when any of my St. Louis teams are involved.

While everything I said above is certainly true, the bye week also offers a glimmer of hope for even the most disappointing teams. During the offseason every fan thinks his/her team has a chance when the season begins, and I kind of feel the same way about the bye. We might be 0-4, but there’s still that feeling deep inside of every fan that something magical is going to happen during the week when the team doesn’t play. It might be foolish, but I still feel that small sliver of hope. I know that reality is probably going to strike me down hard and fast when St. Louis takes to Lambeau Field to face the defending champs, but for now I need this. Hey, at least we here is the Gateway City still have the Cardinals.