Week 5 NFC West Talk

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Finally, we come to the Seattle Seahawks. It may sounds like bias, but coming into the season I thought the Hawks would be the worst team in the league. Well, they have two wins now after taking down the New York Giants today, and they did it in pretty convincing fashion, 36-25. I still think they are going to have a rough season as long as their quarterback situation continues to include Tarvaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst, but I will admit that they are better than I thought.

The way the Rams are playing right now, I’m not sure they can beat anybody. However, there is still a long way to go and if the Rams get some things figured out, I still think they have as much talent as anyone in the West. I’m certainly not saying they are going to win the division (although stranger things have happened), but I do think they can compete when it comes time for their six NFC West games later this season. That’s assuming they make it to that part of the schedule in one piece.