Any Chance For Rams Against Pack?


Pretty much everyone in the world right now is saying the Rams don’t have any chance to beat the Packers this Sunday in Green Bay. In fact, I would guess most people would say that the Rams are going to lose by 30 or 40 points. So, I’ve unfortunately asked this before, but it needs to be asked again. Is there any chance the Rams can contain Aaron Rodgers and the Packers?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is that, although anyone in the NFL can win on any given Sunday (great movie by the way), the Packers offense is an absolute nightmare matchup for the Rams defense right now. Our secondary has been decimated as we all know, and the Packers probably have the most explosive, uncoverable passing game in the league. Even if the Rams can generate a pass-rush and put some pressure on Rodgers, he is good enough to get passes off and our secondary isn’t good enough to cover. I’m not sure what scenario would have to take place for the Rams to pull an upset win, but I would imagine it would involve controlling the ball for big chunks of time on offense and forcing some timely turnovers on defense. Again, it’s possible, but highly unlikely.

Maybe the Rams will surprise everyone. I mean, they are coming off the bye and the Packers could be looking past them after a big win in Atlanta last week. Maybe the Rams will sneak up on them and bring a great gameplan in and shock the world. I guess anything is possible.