Rams Injury Report 10/12


We all know by now about the season-ending injuries the Rams have suffered so far in 2011, but there are a few guys who are dealing with some less serious issues at practice on Wednesday. DT Darell Scott was back today after undergoing surgery on his thumb. Scott said he expects to play Sunday in Green Bay, and although he might not be the biggest impact player on the defense, getting anybody back is exactly what we need.

Illini Mike was limited as he deals with concussion, and Jacob Bell was also limited with his hamstring injury. James Hall was back to full practice today, which is very good news, and he should be good to go Sunday as well. As for Bell and Illini Mike, we will have to see how they progress as the week goes on. The fact that they at least participated is a good sign, but injuries like hamstrings and concussions are iffy.