Are Spags & Devaney the nice guys finishing last?


First of all, follow me on Twitter @DarrynOTL if you are interested in being on a Rams Roundtable, part of a new TV show I am producing. Ok, as we all know, the Rams are taking zero steps forward and 40 back each and every pitiful week. We started rebuilding last year. It shouldn’t take 8-10 games the next year to continue that rebuilding phase. That means we either got lucky last year or we are 100% dropping the ball this year. I understand the lockout, the new offense, the new OC, the injuries etc. but how many other teams in the same situation are being at least somewhat competetive? Every team has injuries and every team went through the lockout. There are no excuses for dropped passes, constant penalties, and the team failing miserably at Football 101 type of stuff.

I have no idea what goes on behind closed doors with the Rams higher-ups, but doesn’t it seem like someone should freak out a little bit and get pissed off? Why is everyone so nice in interviews, on the sidelines, and in the papers. It seems like Spags always says the same stuff, makes excuses for all the players that are clearly dropping the ball, and just acts like its no big deal. I think the players feed off raw passionate energy and I absolutely see none in Spags and Devaney. Maybe the players need to see that right now. Maybe they need to know if they continue to drop the ball, they are going to get not only called out, but not play. I don’t see any accountability, I see no passion, no hunger to change this sinking ship, and I feel like most players and coaches are just collecting a paycheck. Have you noticed how many Rams players are laughing with the opposing team after a game? Being friendly with someone that just handed your ass to you is not the frame of mind I want my team in. Cowher, Gruden, Fisher, Billick anyone? Not to mention the poor personnel decisions the Rams brass have been making now for years. Who is going to step in and right this ship?

There is a fine line between someone being steady and calm and someone who is missing out on opportunities to scold, teach, and use some damn emotion to get your guys to believe in what you are doing. Even Bradford looked dumbfounded sitting on the bench not even paying attention at all to Feeley, McDaniels and what was going on in the game vs. Dallas. Do Spags and Devaney need to start cracking the whip a bit? I believe so. And once again, earth to Kroenke? Hello are you watching this pathetic team play on Sundays? When do you plan on stepping in and maybe helping steer this thing a little bit?