Rams-Saints Recap; Bradford Sheds Boot

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Before we talk about yesterday’s game, I wanted to let everyone know that Sam Bradford removed his walking boot on Monday and did some work at Rams practice. His recovery is still a process, but this is a great sign that he will be able to get back on the field this week when the team travels to Arizona. And no, there’s no quarterback controversy on this team despite AJ Feeley bringing home the win.

Now, on to the game. It was quite a weekend for everyone who is a fan of St. Louis sports, so emotions were obviously high for everyone yesterday. Looking back at the game today, the things that really stood out to me weren’t so much the things that happened on the field, but more what I saw on the sidelines. My seats at the Dome are right behind the Rams bench, and what I saw yesterday was a very nice change from what has become the norm.

I saw Steven Jackson being a leader, not just in his actions, but moreso in the way he interacted with his teammates. He was emotional, he was vocal, and you could tell everytime he spoke that the team not only listened, but got fired up more than I have seen them in a long time. I also saw coach Steve Spagnuolo finally show some fire of his own. Spags is usually pretty reserved on the sidelines, but there were numerous times yesterday when you could see the passion coming out when he addressed the players. I know there is something to be said for a coach being stoic and not getting too high or low, but those two guys in particular really did something yesterday that rubbed off on the entire team. Now, the key is for them to bring that to the field every Sunday, and for the rest of the players to continue to respond. Plenty more on the next page…