“Bradford Watch” Continues For Rams

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The Rams took back to the field for practice on Wednesday, which means all eyes were on quarterback Sam Bradford and whether or not he will play on Sunday in Arizona. Bradford wasn’t able to go again today, but he was on the field and according to Spags he was able to take “mental reps.” Bradford said the ankle is feeling much better, but he still isn’t ready to test it on the field. As far as his status for Sunday goes, as it has been for the last two weeks, he is being called day-to-day. I have gotten out of the business of predicting whether or not he will play, but there’s no doubt things look better this week than they did last.

For what it’s worth, Bradford spoke with the media after practice and sounded pretty optimistic that he would be able to practice at some point this week. “If they would’ve let me practice today, I would have loved to practice. I think hopefully by Friday or even tomorrow, depending on how it feels. Hopefully I’ll get in there for a couple reps. Like I said though, I think Reg (trainer Reggie Scott) has done a great job handling this. He kind of knows where we’re at right now and it’s really up to him to make the decision. I think one of the big things is, whatever we do this week, I don’t want to make it more sore for Sunday if I do play. Whatever we do, just make sure that it’s enough to get by and then hopefully go into the game fresh as possible.” More on next page.