Rams Disappoint Again in 19-13 OT Loss To Cardinals

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As far as the blocked field goal and punt return goes, I don’t know that you can throw all the blame on the Rams. There are certain times when you have to tip your cap to the opposing team, and these are both examples of those times. On the FG, Calais Campbell is just a freak. The man is huge, he’s athletic, and he has giant Stretch Armstrong arms, and he made a good play. The line probably could have done a little better job of getting into him, but that guy is going to block some kicks. On the punt, I was actually laughing when Patrick Peterson caught the ball because in no situation should a returner field a punt on the 1-yard line. Now, we missed some tackles on the play, obviously, but this guy is a special talent. I thought he was the best player in last year’s draft overall, and he showed why on that play.

Overall, it’s just frustrating to lose a game like this that was so obviously winnable. Coming off the Saints win, getting this one and making it two in a row would have been huge for this franchise and for the fan base. There could have been some hope that this team was finally moving in the right direction with plenty of winnable games on the horizon. I’m not suggesting we would have been talking playoffs or anything, but there would have at least been that glimmer — however faint it might be — that this team had a chance. Now, it’s back to talking about the same ol’ sorry Rams. It’s unfortunate, but until they fix the same problems that bite them every week, it’s true.