The Rams And Fourth Down


Much to my surprise, it seems like the biggest controversy to come out of Sunday’s horrible loss to the Arizona Cardinals was the Rams decision to go for it on fourth and one late in the fourth quarter. In talking with fans and reading some chats and message boards, I keep seeing that sequence being brought up. I guess it’s surprising to me because I had no problem with the decision and I actually applauded the coaching staff for taking the chance. Now, if you want to talk about running a stretch play – the same stretch play – on third and fourth downs and not making it, then I could get on board. I would have loved to see the Rams try a QB sneak or just pound it up the middle, but as far as going for it, I have no problem.

I think the real issue here is that the Rams were unable to gain one yard on two consecutive plays with the game on the line. That’s something I have a problem with. I have a problem with running the same play twice in a row because I think that shows poor management by the coaching staff. You have to be prepared for that situation and have the decision made before the third down play. If you decide you are going to go for it if you don’t make it on third, then that has to factor into both play calls. I can’t put that whole failure on the coaches, but I think it’s just another notch in the “Reasons To Fire Spags” belt, and although this is obviously a very minor notch compared to some of the others, they are all starting to add up. I’m not calling for his head or anything, but anyone who follows this team knows he is on thin ice and this situation didn’t do anything to help him.

What say you? Do you agree with going for it on that play? What should the play calls have looked like? Hit up the comments section to make your voice heard.