Rams Need Another Big Day From SJ39


Sunday’s game in Cleveland is more than winnable for the Rams, but if they are going to keep it going it will likely be on the broad shoulders of running back Steven Jackson. Jackson has been an animal over the last few weeks, and the Browns rush defense is susceptible to a big day. It’s no secret that the passing game has struggled for much of the season, and although they will get a boost this week with the return of Mark Clayton, I don’t know if we can expect a magical turnaround because of one player. If the Rams are going to leave with a win, expect a big day from SJ39.

Defensively, you have to like the matchup in favor of the Rams. I don’t know that the Browns have an offensive weapon that terrifies me, and their offensive line has been subpar at best so far this season. I do like Colt McCoy, but he just doesn’t have enough weapons around him. Expect plenty of exotic blitzes and look for Chris Long and Robert Quinn to see plenty of time in the backfield.

This is one of those strange weeks where the Rams are 1-7 and on the road, but I think it’s safe to say that we all expect them to leave with a win. In fact, it will be a disappointment if they are 1-8 after the day is done. If you just look at the two teams on paper, there’s no reason the Rams should lose. Unfortunately, the Rams fiercest foe this season has been themselves, so this game is anything but a sure thing. The Browns are good enough to capitalize on mistakes and make the Rams pay, so this game will likely come down to which team takes care of the ball and makes their chances count.