Rams Lose Two More For The Season

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As far as the injuries go, there’s really nothing more to say. Sometimes these things can be avoided, but when the list continues to grow like this there’s just nothing you can do. Someone in the press conference with Spags today said Harris was the 9th corner to go on IR this season. I don’t like to make excuses for the problems of this team, but I think it says a lot when you have nine guys from one position on the list. Toss in the fact that top players like Sam Bradford, Steven Jackson, Mark Clayton, Danario Alexander, etc. have all missed multiple games this season, plus add the guys at other positions who are done for the year, and it’s really not a surprise that they only have two wins.

Again, injuries aren’t an excuse and this team has played awfully bad football at times with their starters in, but I thought it was interesting that a friend of mine told me tonight that there’s no way the Rams can fire Spags after this season because of all the guys missing. When it comes down to it, I wonder if Stan Kroenke will factor in the injuries or if he will just look and the number in the win column when making his decision. I don’t know if Spags is the right guy or not, but I know at least one person who believes he deserves another chance to see what he can do with all of his guys.