The Rams Injuries Keep Piling Up

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It has become common practice on Mondays this season to take a look at the injuries from Sunday’s game, so I guess there’s no reason to change it up now. I mean, there’s plenty to talk about each and every week so we might as well keep doing it. The injury list for the Rams continues to grow larger and larger, and although there weren’t any season-enders this week (at least not yet), there were some issues.

Let’s start with the most serious. OT Mark LeVoir will miss the next 2-4 weeks with a pectoral strain. I don’t know what the team is going to do with the offensive line for this coming week, but I’d say it’s almost certain that we will be seeing another new face on the roster in a few days. Also getting bruised up was James Laurinaitis, who had an MRI Monday on his sore foot. Justin Bannan also got an MRI on his shoulder, and Josh Hull was next in line at the MRI machine with a hamstring. Hull will likely miss this week.

Marquis Johnson is suffering from what the team is calling an abdominal contusion, and he is staying overnight at the hospital for observation. Justin King had some swelling on his knee, and Chris Long has a sore ankle and will be day-to-day. Mark Clayton and Austin Pettis are both dealing with knee soreness, and they are expected to be limited in practice. Finally, Lance Kendricks has a mild concussion and will be evaluated again later in the week. More on next page…