Rams Keys To Victory Vs. Cardinals

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The Rams are in desperate need of a win, and they will welcome the Arizona Cardinals to town on Sunday in an NFC West battle that is certainly a game they can get. Here are some things that have to happen if the Rams are going to leave the Dome victorious this weekend.

1. Block Calais Campbell – Campbell showed in our last meeting that he is a tough matchup for any offensive line, but with the Rams down up front, Campbell and the rest of the Arizona D-line could be a major problem. It’s not a good situation on the line right now, so some guys are going to have to step up if the Rams are going to move the ball.

2. Keep Patrick Peterson in check – It goes without saying that the Rams absolutely cannot let Peterson beat them in the return game again on Sunday. Peterson is a major talent, and under no circumstance should he get an opportunity to return a kick or punt. We don’t necessarily have to kick out of bounds, but we do need to eliminate him from the game on special teams.

3. Establish a ground game – We know about the offensive line problems already, but if the Rams are forced to throw regularly then Sam Bradford is going to be in trouble. They have to find a way to open holes for SJ39 early in the game to control the clock. If they can get the run going and use the play-action to keep the defense off Bradford, they should be able to score some. More on next page…