Rams Keys To Victory Vs. Cardinals

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4. Pressure the quarterback – We’ve talked about trying to protect Sam Bradford, but on the flip-side the Rams really need to get after whoever plays under center for Arizona. Kevin Kolb is questionable and will likely be a game-time decision according to reports, but whether it’s Kolb or John Skelton back there, the defense has to get pressure. If Kolb plays, he will still be slowed by his toe/foot injury, and if Skelton plays we know he can be pressured.

5. Execute in the red zone – This one might be a long shot since the Rams haven’t really executed in the red zone for the last two seasons, but if they get opportunities they have to take advantage. The game will likely be low-scoring like last time, so anytime we have a chance to get six, we have to do so. This team isn’t nearly good enough to squander opportunities.