Rams Blasted By Niners 26-0


I feel like I should just save myself some time every week and save a template on here for every game recap. That template would look something like this: Rams lose to (insert opponent here). The defense did everything they could to keep the Rams in the game, but the offense was inept for the entire game. The defense tired late and the Rams never made a game out of it. I think that pretty much sums up most of the season for the Rams, and it is certainly applicable for Sunday’s 26-0 loss to the 49ers in San Francisco.

I thought the defense was outstanding in the first half, and they really stepped up and played the game I thought they could play. The halftime score was 9-0, and the Niners were 0-3 on scoring touchdowns in the red zone. The Rams kept Frank Gore under wraps as well in the first 30 minutes, and he pretty much did nothing other than breaking one 20-yard run. Unfortunately, as good as the defense was, the offense was equally as bad. The Rams, led by AJ Feeley with Sam Bradford out with an ankle injury, managed 63 yards in the first half and finished with 157 for the game. The farthest they penetrated into 49ers territory on the day was the 38-yard line. If you want a quick recap of the Rams offense today, here are the results of every offensive drive: punt, punt, fumble, punt, punt, interception, punt, punt, punt, turnover on downs, punt, end of game. That says it all.

Since we have to find some kind of silver lining, I can’t finish without mentioning Chris Long. The man was pretty much playing on one ankle today, and he managed two sacks, three solo tackles, two tackles for loss and three quarterback hits. Long now has 12 sacks on the season, and he has recorded a sack in each of his last 6 games. Long absolutely deserves a trip to the Pro Bowl, and for anyone who was calling “bust” on him a few years ago, I think that’s pretty much off the table. This guy is an elite pass-rusher in this league, and he might be the best thing going for this franchise right now.