Rams Add QB Gutierrez To Practice Squad


The Rams quarterback situation is in a major state of uncertainty right now, so the team decided it would be wise to bring in another body at the position. Considering that Sam Bradford and AJ Feeley could both be out Monday and Tom Brandstater is the only active QB on the roster, I’d say bringing in veteran Matt Gutierrez was the right move. Gutierrez was signed to the practice squad on Tuesday, and the team released CB Nate Ness to make room.

Gutierrez has been all over the league, and although he doesn’t have much game experience in the NFL, he has been around on several different teams. I kind of like Gutierrez, and to be honest I think I would be more comfortable with him under center rather than Brandstater if he had been here for a few weeks. Obviously Brandstater will be the starter if Bradford and Feeley can’t go, but it’s kind of nice to have a veteran there just in case something crazy happens. It’s too bad the team had to let go of Ness, but there’s really nothing they could do since the need to keep a spot open on the 53 in case Bradford and Feeley can’t go.

In other news, Mark LeVoir is expected to play Monday and will likely start at left tackle. We should know more about the quarterback situation in the next few days, but I really think Bradford will be able to play this week. The game might not mean anything, but it’s still Monday Night Football and I know Sam will do everything he can to be out on that stage.