Rams QB Bradford ‘Hopeful’ To Play Monday

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Rams QB Sam Bradford talked with the media Thursday after practice, and he sounded pretty confident that he would be able to play Monday night against Seattle. Obviously, he wasn’t likely to be negative, but I really got the feeling he plans to being ready. “I hope [I can play]. I really haven’t done a whole lot, but try to rehab and try to get it back to functional where I can play. I’m really not sure when I’m going to get back on the field and try it out, but I think that’s coming later this week. Hopefully, everything is good and hopefully it’s healed enough, so that I can go on Monday.”

So Bradford expects to get back on the practice field at some point this week, and assuming he does that I’d say there’s a good chance he goes Monday. Also, even if he doesn’t practice at all this week, I think there’s still a decent chance he plays if the ankle feels better. “Obviously, I would like to be at practice. Especially, you put in new plays every week and it would be nice to be in there and rep those and get the timing. But for the most part I feel comfortable enough with everything that we have that I should be able to play if I don’t practice.”

Bradford also said that he has not needed a walking boot at all since reinjuring the ankle and that the injury is starting to feel about how it did the first time when he made his return. All of this is good news, but the doctors are going to be careful with this thing, especially since the Rams have nothing to play for. He’s certainly not a sure thing, but I feel pretty good about his chances to play on the big stage in Seattle. More on next page…