Spags & McDaniels are proving they are way in over their head.


Oh gosh where to begin. I keep trying each week to find a reason to like Steve and Josh and I do personally- they are great guys, but I think we are all starting to realize, even the true kool-aid drinking Rams freaks who will never leave their team and I’m one of them, that they just have no idea what they are doing in the world of NFL football coaching. And Spags, your pressers are starting to sound like a broken record and the more you keep talking the more we just get numb to your same ole same ole. Did you really say you did NOT consider replacing Sam last night? Why on earth would you keep him in there? Each pathetic play the poor guy is losing confidence, self-esteem, body parts, and the will to live. Why not take a look at Tom Brandstater or Kellen Clemmens just to see what you have? Even if just for a quarter or two or especially after seeing Sam’s body language or at least when his skull crashed into the ground. Spags, did you really say you supported the playcalling on the 1 yard line when it tooks us 8-10 plays to score or whatever it was? Spags, do you really rely on the players for challenging calls? What about using your coaches up top or maybe even using your own eyes if you are able to see the replay? Why wouldn’t you try something at the end of the half instead of acting like your 10-2 and ahead in the game by 35 and running out the clock? Us Rams fans just are having a real tough time understanding this debacle. Stan Kroenke? What are you doing? How on earth are you not starting a new chapter like 3-4 weeks ago? McDaniels is running an offense for a completely different type of group? Spags is coaching and treating them like they are pee wee players? We need some whip cracking not ass kissing. How many more dropped passes are we going to see? Do you realize that the receivers the Rams cut were probably going to produce triple the numbers than the ones we’ve kept? (and some of them have) Does Spags or McDaniels have any clue of any other plays besides running Jackson up the middle into a wall of people who can’t block? Ok I must stop and go bang my head up against the wall a few times or take a bong hit. Please someone anyone do something anything at Rams park. My god make it stop.