Rams Injury Updates After MNF


I think we have all started to get over Monday’s tragedy in Seattle, and as unfortunate as it feels sometimes, we still have to look forward to the next game this weekend. The good news is that the Rams got out of Monday relatively unscathed on the injury front. Sam Bradford and Chris Long both made it through without further injuring their respective ankles, but both were extremely sore on Tuesday. As has been the case over the last few weeks, the team is going to monitor both players throughout the week and determine when they will get back on the practice field. Brit Miller is apparently not progressing, and it sounds like the team might make a move to place him on IR if things don’t get better.

As far as injuries suffered in the game, TE Stephen Spach is probably the most serious with a head injury, and he will be treated for a concussion this week. Mark LeVoir suffered a groin injury, and his status is up in the air for practice right now. LeVoir just can’t catch a break on the injury front, but let’s hope this thing turns out to be minor.

There are four players who are being listed as day-to-day, and they are Josh Gordy, Craig Dahl, James Hall and AJ Feeley. Dahl’s is an ankle, so we will have to see where he’s at throughout the week. Gordy has an oblique strain and Hall has a pec issue, and we all know about Feeley. Also, Quinn Porter and Fred Robbins are expected to be back this week.