Get To Know Rams Opponent: Cincinnati Bengals

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4. Are the Bengals a legit playoff team in the AFC in your mind?
To put it simply, no. There’s too many holes on defense and the offense is too inconsistent. They couldn’t steal wins from the best teams in the NFL week after week.

That being said, they are an above average team (10-15 range). They are young and they have the attitude to play with anyone right now, but they won’t really be able to blow anyone out. The Rams have a chance to win tomorrow against
5. If there’s one weakness the Bengals have that you think the Rams could exploit, what is it?
I have no idea how good Kellen Clemens’ long ball is but it’s definitely the Bengals’ secondary. CB Adam Jones is by far the best of the bunch, but he’s only played in a few games in the last year. SS Chris Crocker is a hard-hitting veteran, but he makes too many mental mistakes and can miss tackles or get beaten badly in coverage. FS Reggie Nelson shows flashes of great play, but he is often in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nelson is also slow to the ball and has a tendency to miss tackles. Finally, there’s CB Nate Clements. Again, this guy is serviceable at his position. Similar to Crocker, he’s a hard-hitting veteran, but Clements at least has a knack for play-making. I would love Clements if he weren’t so prone to getting beat badly in coverage. He’s also the oldest player on the active roster.

It’s an inconsistent bunch that can do a lot of things right, but can also make you tear your hair out on the very next play. I wouldn’t be surprised if Clements gets beat deep tomorrow, or if Nelson leaves someone wide open in the back of the endzone. On the other hand, I think Pacman is due a pick-6 to the house!