More Of The Same: Rams Fall 20-13 To Bengals

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First, I was very impressed with QB Kellen Clemens. Considering he has been a part of this team and this offense for all of 11 days, I thought he put together a pretty nice showing for himself. He throws a pretty nice ball, and I thought he looked good when he got out of the pocket. He took his share of hits, but he also bought himself time on plenty of different plays. He certainly wasn’t perfect or anything, but this is a complex offense and he looked pretty solid.

I thought the defense was very good for three quarters, and I was especially impressed with how the manned up on third-and-short a couple of different times. They did a nice job against the run, and Chris Long was very good yet again. I also want to mention the play of Josh Gordy. He gets beat and is out of position on occasion, but he made a great break on his interception and I thought he had a very strong game overall.

I thought the team played hard, and I know I’ve said this before but there’s no doubt in my mind that the players still want to play for Spags. A lot of times when season go like this one, the coach isn’t able to get through to the players. I don’t see that happening here. I’m not saying Spags should certainly get to keep his job, but it says something about his ability as a head coach that the guys are still giving him everything they have.