Rams Clean House On ‘Black Monday’

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As much as everyone liked both guys on a personal level, you just can’t keep guys around who aren’t winning. Maybe last season’s seven wins was the worst thing that could have happened for Spags, because it ramped up expectations that apparently the team was unable to live up to. Injuries were certainly a major issue, and I think it had a ton to do with the record this season. With that being said, only two wins and failing to be competitive on a weekly basis shouldn’t be good enough for any NFL franchise. They had to go, and now the offseason should be very interesting here in St. Louis. The team wants to fill spots as quickly as possible, so the next month should feature plenty of rumors and speculation.

I would love it if Fisher would be the guy, because more that anything I think we need a head coach who has experience not only as a coach but more importantly as a winner. Fisher is the perfect guy for the job, and it sounds like there is at least some level of interest on his part. I’m sure the team will talk to plenty of different candidates, but expect to hear plenty of Jeff Fisher’s name in the coming weeks.