Looking Ahead For The Rams

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We don’t know what the answer will be from Jeff Fisher yet, although Thursday seems like the day we will likely get the final word. With the recent news that Fisher may be leaning toward the Miami Dolphins, it makes sense to start to look ahead to what could happen if the Rams are not his choice. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Bernie Miklasz did just that on Wednesday, and I think his point is right on. If you want to check out his article, head over to STLToday.com and give it a look.

The main point of the article is that if Fisher doesn’t end up here, the Rams need to bring in someone with an offensive background. I think his best support for this idea is that an offensive coach will provide some system stability for Sam Bradford and the rest of the offense. Whoever it is will put in his system, and that system will stay here as long as the coach does. We won’t have to worry about offensive coordinators coming in and out with different philosophies, and Bradford will be able to learn a system and progress through that system. This is absolutely what we need, or we risk Bradford falling into the same rut as Alex Smith did when he had a different offense seemingly every season.

Mklasz also comments that the defense is far more advanced at this point than the offense, meaning their transition will be easier. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. There is plenty of talent on that side of the ball, and guys like James Laurinaitis and Chris Long look capable of adjusting to a new scheme. I’m confident this defense is going to be the strength of this team for the next several years, so getting the offense caught up should be the top priority. More on next page…