Rams Could Play In London


According to league sources, the St. Louis Rams will make the trip across the pond next season to play one of their regular season games in London. The sources have said that the Rams will be the home team in the contest, and the most likely opponent is the New England Patriots.

This is all speculation at this point, but I expect that this announcement could come today. Because of owner Stan Kroenke’s connection through his soccer team, the Rams could be an annual participant in the game. As far as my feelings on this, I’m a little torn. On one hand, the Rams could become a worldwide household name if they pay overseas several years in a row. If they become consistent contenders, we could really see an expansion of the brand to a whole new fan base.

However, there are several drawbacks that aren’t exactly working in the team’s favor. First, this would mean one less home game in St. Louis every year. I know that doesn’t mean much to most people, but if the team gets good again it might be more of an issue for fans. My biggest concern is that the long trip could really affect the team’s performance. The jet lag and the toll it takes on the body is a real issue, and even though the teams usually have their bye week immediately after, it can still be tough to recover. If the Rams are going to compete for the playoffs, having a game in London every season could work against them. Every game is critical during the NFL season, and I don’t know if I like it.

Again, this hasn’t been confirmed yet, but keep an eye out.