Ramblin Fan Awards: Game Of The Year


We are up to the game of the year for our offseason awards, and considering the Rams only won two games and one of those was thanks to a chip-shot field goal, it was a pretty easy choice. There weren’t many good moments for the Rams in 2011, but the 31-21 win over the New Orleans Saints on Oct. 30 was certainly one. All of the bad things that happened this season were suspended for this one week, and the Rams did the unthinkable and took down the mighty Saints.

AJ Feeley started the game under center, and he completed 20 passes for 175 yards and looked outstanding while doing it. Steven Jackson was an absolute beast, as he rushed for 159 yards and two TDs. Brandon Lloyd caught a touchdown as well, and Darian Stewart returned an interception for a score. Rookie Robert Quinn even blocked a punt in the win, capping what was pretty much as good a game as this team was capable of playing.

I was in attendance for this one, and it was pretty amazing. The crowd was into it, and the team looked like they had an extra pep in their step. The World Champion St. Louis Cardinals were in the house, making things even more exciting. We went through plenty of lows this year, but the Saints game was a pretty good high. It felt good, even if it was only for one week.