Is Moss A Good Fit For Rams?


When Randy Moss announced his intention to come out of retirement a few days ago, my first thought was that the Rams would be one of the teams he would be linked to. He has been rumored to be a fit here in St. Louis before, and he was with new coach Jeff Fisher in Tennessee before he retired. Moss is 35 years old, and he looked like a shell of the player he once was at the end of his career. Still, he is one of the great receivers of this age, and I don’t doubt he has something left in the tank.

As far as his fit with the Rams goes, I think I’m still on the fence. Part of me wants to say that we don’t need to bother with him, but Fisher said he was very impressed with Moss in the locker room when he was with the Titans. If he really would play the “veteran teacher” roll while also putting up decent production, it might be worth it. I don’t know that I’m convinced it would go down like that, but I think Fisher and the rest of the organization knows better than I do.

I don’t know that this team needs the kind of distraction that Moss would surely bring, but if he signed for cheap and he wanted to be here, I wouldn’t be devastated if the team pulled the trigger. I don’t expect it to happen, and I don’t even know if there is any team out there willing to give him a chance. It’s something to keep an eye out for, but you Moss lovers probably shouldn’t hold your breath.