The Rams running tradtion


The most underrated team in the NFL has quietly produced the best running backs collectively in the NFL. The Rams have always had talented backs and have either drafted or found in trades. However, year in and year out they get lost in the shuffle. The list starts off with Tank Younger and Dan Towler and it ends with today’s back Steven Jackson.

The Rams have had great backs nearly every year. The Rams were the first NFL team to name a backfield formation after their top two players: Younger and Towler. It was known as the Bull-Elephant backfield. The Rams great players do not end there as it continues to backs like Jon Arnott, who they drafted in 1957 and was a five time Pro-Bowler. Ollie Matson, who the Rams acquired in a trade from the Cardinals. Happen to make two pro-bowls in his career. The Rams list continues with Dick Bass, Willie Ellison, Lawrence McCutcheon, Wendell Tyler, Cullen Bryant, Eric Dickerson and let us not forget the Rams drafted Steven Jackson out of Oregon State.

The Rams have also acquired some good running backs over the years and one was Greg Bell who was a pro bowler in 1988, Charles White led the NFL in rushing in 1987 and Amp Lee carried the Rams in 1997-1998. These are just a few examples of the talent at running back the Rams have accumulated over the years. Next week I will be writing an article on the Top 10 Rams Running Backs of all time a Rams exclusive top 10 list.

A Rams fan since 1983,

Anthony Manna