Is Williams’ Job Safe With Rams?


This Gregg Williams story is still going strong, and since we have plenty of time to discuss the combine, I think it’s more important to talk about this right now. Williams met with the NFL on Monday to discuss his role in the bounty scandal, and there has been a lot of talk in the St. Louis area about whether the Rams will make a move away from him in light of his newfound negative reputation. Post Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz discussed this issue earlier on Monday, and I think he’s right on.

Miklasz noted that the Rams aren’t likely to get rid of Williams because of his relationship with Jeff Fisher. He and Fisher are close friends, which means one of two things would have to happen for Williams to get fired. Either Fisher would have to make the decision to fire his friend, or Stan Kroenke would have to take it upon himself to fire Williams, thus undermining Fisher, his hand-picked coach. I can’t imagine either of these scenarios will go down, but as big as Roger Goodell is on safety right now, the pressure from the league could play at least some kind of role.

Williams will likely be suspended for part of the upcoming season, but at this point I think his job is safe. Unless Goodell really forces the Rams’ hand here, which I think is very unlikely to happen, expect Williams to remain with the organization going forward. This story is far from over, but at this point I think we just have to hope that no new information is going to come out to make Williams look even worse than he already does.