The Rams draft options


The draft has multiple possibilities this offseason. With a proven and competent Head Coach and GM the Rams are moving in the right direction. Watch out for St. Louis to steal the show on draft day. With several options obviously the two scenarios are keeping two high second round picks, or trading them to get back in the first round.

The signing of Courtland Finnegan all but eliminates Dre Kirkpatrick from the Rams draft. So the question is what should the do. If they stay put the Rams should do the following on Day 1. With the sixth pick draft WR Justin Blackmon if he is there. Personally I think the Browns are going to draft him. That is fine the Rams need to take WR Michael Floyd from Notre Dame that gives Bradford an awesome Weapon. If the Rams keep their picks and does not trade then they should do the following in Round two, first they should draft OT Mike Adams from Ohio State if he is available, otherwise go with DB Stephon Gilmore from South Carolina. With the sixth pick in the draft if they did not get Mike Adams draft OT Zebrie Sanders from Florida State. In the even he is off the board the Rams can grab DT Brandon Thompson from Clemson. The third round the Rams should look to OG to help sure up the line a bit more. I believe the kid from Iowa State Kelechi Osemele will be there for the Rams.

As crazy as that scenario is I believe the Rams will trade both second round picks with someone in the back half of the draft. In doing so this is the draft I see the Rams having this year. With the sixth pick they will draft WR. Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State, or WR Michael Flyod from Note Dame. With their second first round pick OG David DeCastro from Stanford. He is by far the best O-Linemen in this draft. With the second pick in the third round watch for this name Lavonte David OLB Nebraska. He ran a 4.55 at the combine and is a beast at tackling. He would solidify the Rams Line backing core and give James Laurinaitis (aka Linaitis) some help.

However as this draft shapes up the Rams are the most interesting team in the draft this year and has a ton of possibilities. I really do believe the Rams will trade both second round picks to re-enter the first round and grab DeCastro from Stanford.  The second is the best option for the Rams, but they must find a Tackle in the Free-Agent market and must do so quickly.

A Rams fan since 1983,

Anthony Manna