Manning Chooses Denver


I really thought that Peyton Manning might decide to join the San Francisco 49ers, and it really made me nervous. So much for that. Manning made his decision on Monday, and he chose to head to the Mile High city to play with the Broncos. I’m sure Broncos fans are jumping for joy right now, but Rams fans should be almost as happy with this news.

With Manning off the table, the Niners aren’t likely to improve their quarterback situation any time soon. Alex Smith will probably be back, and while he had a very nice season in 2011, he still doesn’t scare me. San Fran is very good, but they aren’t unstoppable with Smith under center.

Manning in Denver also means that Tim Tebow could be finding a new home in the near future. I’m not a big Tebow fan, and I honestly don’t understand why any team would trade for him. The only teams that kind of make sense are Jacksonville and Miami since Tebow is still worshipped heavily in Florida, but why would you give something up to get him? It might help out the awful attendance for the Jags, and Miami is still looking for a quarterback, so I guess they could be possibilities. Good luck to whoever makes that decision.