Rookie “Orientation” Day 2 Recap


The Rams finished up their two-day rookie “orientation/don’t call it minicamp” on Saturday afternoon, and much like Friday head coach Jeff Fisher spoke afterwards and had plenty of good things to say. Before I get into Fisher quotes, it sounds like several members of this draft class have really been impressive over the last few days. I’ve heard from a few different people who were in attendance that Brian Quick and Janoris Jenkins were both highly impressive Saturday. It also sounds like Isaiah Pead and Michael Brockers had a nice weekend, and other than cramping at the end of Saturday’s workout, Chris Givens was also good. Jenkins was the name I heard most by those who were there, as he must have looked like he was light-years ahead of all of the other corners in attendance and he also reportedly caught the ball very well.

Now, here is some of what Fisher had to say after Saturday’s session.

“We were very impressed. Since we talked last, we had a three hour meeting last night and installed a bunch more offense and defense and then again did the same this morning. The offense came out and had a walk-thru. The defense did not. I thought both sides responded pretty well.”

“This is a good class. They’re working good together. We’re going to meet this afternoon. We’re going to do some more orientation and then obviously they’re going to stay. Then on Monday they’ll pick the work up, just the rookies, and then Tuesday we’ll have our first OTA with everybody together.”

(On Quick): “We expect him to play and be a big part of our offense. We don’t think about it any other way than that. That’s why we drafted him, and we expect him to do it. It’s a long time between now and the opener, so we feel like he’s got a chance to continue to develop and become more comfortable with what we’re doing. We wouldn’t have taken him at the spot where we took him were we not convinced that he was one of those guys that could learn fast and help us very early in the season.”

(On Brockers): “I would say just his quickness for a big man, his change of direction. It’s hard to measure his strength out here, other than on the bags, but he’s got great quickness and long arms. He’s going to be an impact player for us.”

(On upcoming OTAs): “As we told the varsity this past week, we’re going to start again from Day One with the installation, and by the time we’re done in mid-June, we will have installed absolutely everything. Then we’re going to do it again when training camp starts. So when they come and report to training camp, they’ll know exactly what to expect through camp. The only difference is we’re going to put some pads on at times.”