Rams Dome Plan Revealed


The details for the Rams proposal to upgrade the Edward Jones Dome were released as promised, and they were eye-opening to say the least. The retractable roof story wasn’t exactly accurate, but the plan does call for an operable roof panel to let natural light in and it calls for the eastern half of the Dome to be demolished and rebuilt over what is now Broadway.

The entire proposal is projected to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $700 million, which seems high until you consider that most new stadiums cost close to $1 billion or so. I know that doesn’t make anyone feel better, but it’s true.

The potential new stadium would feature much more natural light, which looks to be a focal point for the plan. For those of us who are regulars at the current Dome, we know that’s a good thing. The new east side would be a glass wall, which would be very nice. There would also be more seating and wider concourses.

This is a lot to take in. The price tag is high, but the new Dome would be an exciting facility for a fraction of the price of building a new one. The CVC almost certainly won’t accept the proposal, however, so the quest will continue on.