Eldridge A Familiar Fit


Last week the Rams were awarded Brody Eldridge off of waivers. He is a blocking-style tight end from Oklahoma. He shares his Oklahoma educational experience with the Rams starting quarterback, Sam Bradford. The Sooner teammates  have a lot of experience working together, and were a successful duo during their college careers.

Eldridge was a very good tight end in college that had the ability to block, catch, and run. His abilities have been narrowed in the NFL to primarily being a blocker. Not only will Sam enjoy having another familiar face around, he should also enjoy the fact the Billy Bajema will not be screaming, “lookout!” after the ball is snapped. Eldridge is a very good blocker, but could also provide some elements as a pass-catcher as well.

Eldridge has a very strong chance of making the roster. Last year the tight end position was very inconsistent in pass-protection. Many of the sacks the Rams gave up last year were in situations in which the tight-end (mainly Bajema) was responsible for helping one of the tackles. Eldridge could help sure of this position with some consistency. Fisher says he wants to “protect the quarterback”, and that could mean a lot of max-protect calls on the line. Illinois Mike, Lance Kendricks, Ben Gudouli, Demarco Cosby, and the rookies are all far from locks to make the roster, so I think it’s fair to say Eldridge has as strong a chance as any tight end on the roster of being an opening day starter.

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