ESPN Gets Another List Wrong


The fine people over at ESPN are big fans of making lists and rankings, and while I’m a big fan of doing that as well, it is still frustrating when those lists aren’t favorable for your favorite team. In the most recent NFL list that projects the power rankings for the 2015 season, the Rams are ranked 24th overall.

I know these lists don’t really mean anything, because no one can predict the future, but the Rams at 24th is ridiculous. Apparently, those involved used a formula that included the roster, quarterback, draft, front office and coaching. If those are the criteria, then I just can’t understand how the Rams could be ranked so low.

The current roster might not be the most formidable in the league, but they have plenty of young talent that will be in their prime in 2015. We have a franchise quarterback in Sam Bradford, we have multiple first-round picks in the coming drafts, and we have a proven head coach in Jeff Fisher. I think the front office is a bit of an unknown with Les Snead taking over, but it looks like he is on his way to being an excellent GM.

Based on the support listed above, having the Rams at 24 is a travesty. If I could, I would contact the writers an demand an explanation. I’m not saying we should be atop the list, but there is no argument anyone can give me that would justify their place. I guess it’s not worth getting worked up over, but we will just have to wait three years to see.