Rams Getting Sued Again


We have already talked at length about former equipment manager Todd Hewitt and his suit against the Rams claiming age discrimination in his firing. Well, that’s not the only problem for the organization anymore. Former executive assistant Lory Fabian is suing the Rams and executive Vice President of sales and marketing Bob Reif for age discrimination and sexual harassment.

According to the suit, Fabian claims the Rams targeted middle-aged women and replaced them with younger employees. She also claims that Reif touched her in an unwanted fashion and that when she complained about it, the organization punished her for it.

If any of this is true, the Rams could be in big trouble. These are serious allegations, and considering there is already an age discrimination claim out there, it’s hard to dismiss what she is saying. Fabian names former coach Steve Spagnuolo and current COO Kevin Demoff specifically in the claim, saying Demoff told her that no one liked her and she was too old for her job. This thing isn’t going away any time soon.