Injury Notes And More From Rams Camp


It was another smoking hot day for Rams players at training camp, but that didn’t stop them from getting in another workout. As far as injuries go do far, it doesn’t look too bad other than a few minor issues according to head coach Jeff Fisher.“(RB) Daryl (Richardson) was running today, (WR) Danario (Alexander) was running today, so they’re working their way back. (C Tim) Barnes had a little set back on the calf, so we’re looking at him. We had a couple of the corners, (Kendric) Burney and Josh (Gordy), just tight. They had hamstring issues during the spring, so we just backed them down for precautionary reasons.”

Fisher also had some things to say about the heat and how to handle the potential issues that come with temps in the triple digits. “Yeah, we’re much more aware. We’re an air-conditioned society now. In the old days we weren’t. We spent summertime outside. Remember when you got in trouble, some of the older ones, when we got in trouble mom said, ‘Go to your room,’ you know? They say that now, you go to your room and you go ‘Yeah cool, we got all kinds of stuff to do in the room,’ you know? So, moms need to say go outside, I guess. But we’re very much aware of it. We’re weighing players in before and after each practice to make sure that they’re replacing the fluids in their weight, and so that was an outstanding effort today. That was not easy. We had one neutral zone violation on defense in this heat, which is pretty impressive.”

Those of us who have spent the summer here in St. Louis know all about the heat, and if you’ve been outside at all over the last few weeks you know that spending more than five minutes out of the air conditioning is uncomfortable. These players are out there battling for jobs and trying to impress the new coaching staff, and that’s tough enough without having to worry about heat stroke. We’ve seen issues in football before, so it’s good that the coaching and training staffs are taking every precaution necessary to keep these guys safe.

One more quick quote from Fish has to do with CB Cortland Finnegan. I think we all knew this guy was a good player when the team signed him, but his talent is just part of the package that comes with a top-notch veteran player like him. With a young squad like this, that’s exactly what we need. “You see him compete all day, all day long, and he’s been great in the meetings. He’s been a great influence on the younger guys. He’s got the personality where he knows his place. He knows when it’s time to maybe take a guy aside, talk about footwork or hand placement and encourage them. He’s been nothing but a real professional for us.”