Schotty, McGinnis Speak After Practice


We’ve heard plenty from head coach Jeff Fisher over the last few weeks, so let’s take a look at what a couple of the other coaches had to say on Wednesday. Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and assistant head coach Dave McGinnis met with the media to discuss their early opinions and views on what they have seen so far in Rams camp.


(On what he wants to get out of the offense in the first preseason game)
“We’re looking forward just to seeing the schemes that we’re going to run, how it fits with our players. We want to see the guys actually go hit somebody else, but we’re looking for execution. It’s going to be good to hit somebody else. We’re about almost 75 percent of the way through the installation. Obviously, we won’t use it all, show it all, but we want to see these guys play together. There will be different combinations of people and hopefully we’ll have some success.”

(On if he has a No. 1 wide receiver)
“It really doesn’t matter. I think we have a couple guys that we’re going to put in spots to make plays. Somebody asked me about that. I’ve been other places where you have a so-called No. 1 receiver and it’s easy to double that guy. We’re looking for a bunch of weapons. They’re hard to find when you put them in different spots all over the field. That way, we can take advantage of matchups. But we’re very, very pleased with where we are. A lot of the young guys are coming along. I think you see a guy like Brian Quick picking it up now. For him, third, fourth time he’s starting to get it. Chris Givens is showing up and then of course the veterans, they’re still a little bit ahead because they have a little bit more of the system than the ‘rooks’ do.”

(On the percentage of carries that RB Steven Jackson will get)
“I don’t think it has anything to do with Steven’s age at all. I think what we want to do is we want to try to get a number of people involved. Obviously, Steven is the bell cow, we know that. I think if you look at (Head Coach) Jeff’s (Fisher) history and our history with New York what we were able to do is you have a bell cow, a feature back that he’s the main guy, but you spell him some.  What that allows you to do is obviously you have backs that change the pace of the plays and run different plays. But what you see is you see that featured bell cow back get stronger. Thomas Jones in his first year I think he had 1400 yards. Leon Washington had about 500. Then we brought LT (LaDainian Tomlinson) in two years ago to help Shonn Green. Having multiple backs is really important. I know Jeff had a couple guys put up big numbers a couple of years ago. We’re excited that we have a full stable of backs.”


(On how the defense looks approaching the first preseason game)
“We’re really looking forward to this. I mean, this is stepping up into the next phase and stage of what we need to get. This football team is ready to play somebody else. We need to test ourselves against somebody else. I think that what we’ve done, the way that (Head Coach) Jeff (Fisher) has brought this football team along, the phase that we’re in, getting ready to play somebody else, it’s coming exactly at the right time. We feel like we’re making progress, but again your progress is measured incrementally and we need to measure it against somebody else.”

(On if he thinks the defensive line has a chance to be special)
“Here’s the thing, I think that our defensive line is working towards that. They’ve got a wonderful coach in Mike Waufle. I’ve been around this league a long time. I know good from not good – he’s good. The guys that he’s got to work with, they’ve bought whole heart and soul into what he’s about and so they’ve got an opportunity to work to be good. But again, as I said, I grew up in a catholic school being taught by the nuns and we learned not to canonize any saints very early, I promise you.”

(On competition at the outside linebacker position)
“Absolutely, and that’s going to be a very fluid situation. I think as we progress throughout this preseason you’re going to see different combinations there. Again, (MLB) James (Laurinaitis) clearly is the cornerstone that we are building around there, but we need to get the various combinations in because during the season, I mean you’ve got to be able, especially at the linebacker spot in this defense, they’ve got to be able to play all three spots. Now James is our ‘mike’ backer, but the other guys have to be able to fill in, play very well, and we need to give them a chance to learn those positions, too. So we’ll be using some different combinations as we go.”

(On if he envisions CB Janoris Jenkins being out there in Week 1 against Detroit)
“Absolutely. Janoris Jenkins continues to impress out here, but Janoris Jenkins loves football and he works at it. (Secondary coach) Chuck Cecil and (assistant secondary coach) Brandon Fisher are doing a tremendous job with him, getting him up to speed on what we’re doing, but he’s a very, very willing pupil and I’ve got no problems with Janoris Jenkins being on the field, believe me.”