Rams Trade Josh Gordy…Why now?


The Rams have traded Josh Gordy to the Indianapolis Colts for an undisclosed draft pick. I’ve seen it reported that it’s a 2014 draft pick. Really? Why now? After enduring the slaughter of our secondary last season, I don’t like the move. I understand it’s better to get something for a guy who may not make the final 53 anyway. But, I’m not so sure he wasn’t one of our 53 best players. He looked pretty good against the Chiefs on Saturday. I saw him stand up Steve Breaston on a run play and drive him backwards into running back Jamaal Charles for a nice tackle. I haven’t seen too many of our cornerbacks make a play like that over the last few years. And if last season taught us anything…other than as a head coach, Steve Spagnuolo makes a great defensive coordinator…it’s that you can never have enough cornerbacks.

Last season Gordy was a glimmer of hope in an otherwise bleak situation. After losing double digit defensive backs to injury, Gordy stepped in and played well. He lead the team in interceptions, albeit with only three. But he was a young and promising player. Signed by the Devaney/Spagnuolo braintrust? Stop the presses! We didn’t have too many of those under that regime.

I guess the memory of last season is too fresh. Can Fletcher be counted on to stay healthy? He hasn’t been on the practice field much this preseason. Murphy hasn’t been the most durable player either and is still recovering from injuries of his own. Granted, Janoris Jenkins looks great but the Rams seem to be putting a lot of faith in his ability to avoid off field problems.

Fisher is going to play the starters a lot in the last two preseason games. Doesn’t it make more sense to wait a couple weeks before making this move? At least we’d know our injury situation heading into the real games. I realize at that point other teams would be cutting corners for the Colts to choose from. But would any of those guys have the upside Gordy does? If the undisclosed pick turns out to be a sixth or seventh rounder in 2014…or even 2013…then I don’t get the urgency in making the deal now.

I still love our secondary…but I loved it more with Josh Gordy in it.