The Josh Gordy Experience


To Rams fans, the trade of Josh Gordy came as a surprise, but not necessarily as a disappointment. I think most understood the GM Les Snead enjoys assessing the value of players and draft picks, then milking the most out of them in the trade market, which was made very visible by this years draft craziness. Of our current secondary, Janoris Jenkins, Trumaine Johnson, and Cortland Finnegan were clearly not going anywhere, especially not as trade-bait. That left Bradley Fletcher, Jerome Murphy, and Josh Gordon fighting over one or two likely spots on the final roster. Fletcher and Murphy both have a history of injury, with Fletcher going on IR early last season. Gordy had been splitting time with Johnson during the preseason, but with the return of Fletcher to the defensive lineup, Gordy was likely to see his reps deminish. So, instead of letting his talent waste away, likely only getting brought out on a rainy day in a “prevent” defense or if a player gets injured, Snead used him to grab an extra pick in 2014.

The Colts, who were lacking in pass defense last season (and pass offense), are looking to upgrade their secondary before the regular season. Earlier in the offseason the Colts added Carrius Vaughn from the Denver Broncos, and were hoping the duo of Gordy and Vaughn can help them out.

Oddly enough, Andrew Luck and his current team, the Colts, left the Rams secondary hurting in Week 1, with Luck passing for 188 yards and 2 touchdowns before handing the reigns to the second and third units. Gordy saw a pretty decent amount of time as the third corner and on the outside with the second unit.

In his first outing in a Colts uniform, the failed to record a single tackle in the 30-17 loss to Washington Redskins. Although he was not on the field very much the with Colts first unit, his name was dropped a fair amount with the second half, where he saw a significant amount of time. The secondary allowed the Redskins to have arguably their best game passing so far, with Robert Griffith III throwing for 11/17 for 74 yards and a touchdown. Like previously mentioned, Gordy saw most of his reps with the second team, which allowed Rex Grossman to throw a perfect game, completing 8 out of 8 passes for 127 yards and 2 touchdowns, ending with a 158.3 QB Rating.

Gordy has now had the unique experience of getting dominated by the #1 and #2 overall picks from this years draft,  Andrew Luck and Robert Griffith III, or at least partially dominated as part of their secondary. Best of luck the rest of the season Josh Gordy, best of luck…