Roster Cuts: More Current And Ex-Rams Get Dropped


This is a tough time of the year for fans and players alike. By now, the teams have been eating, sleeping, and bathing together for over two months. For some, roster cut time mean a dream come true, looking through the list of cuts and not finding your name, no matter how many times you look. To others it means the end of the line, an empty locker, and moving on the next stage of your career, whether that be trying for another football squad or something else all together. Nick Wagner has a great piece that goes in depth into the probable cuts, and some incite into some current players who were surprisingly cut at the beginning of their careers. Bradford had this to say about this years cuts,

"“Obviously, there’s a lot of guys this year – even more so now that we can bring 90 into camp – that aren’t going to be here when we go into Detroit. It’s tough. It’s part of the business, though. I think I’ve kind of learned to accept it. I’m just excited for everyone who’s going to be here and who’s going to be a part of this team and this year.”"

Sunday marked the first trickling of names from around the league, some more headline worthy than others. As this week goes on, more recognizable names will start to emerge, once the fringe players have all been brushed away. This morning, Jim Thomas reported that FB Todd Anderson was released, which was expected with the offseason acquisitions at that fullback  position. Also released this morning was ex-Rams kicker Josh Brown, who was first released earlier in the offseason after the Rams drafted Greg Zuerlein. Brown was picked up by the New York Jets, who are having their own string of offensive problems, but lost the kicking battle. Brown released his release in classy fashion via Twitter,

Aside from Terrell Owens, there have been a number of other “big” name releases. Some other names from  around the league include Patriots DT Gerald Warren and WR Donte Stallworth, Ravens K Billy Cundiff and C Cecil Newton (Cam Newton’s brother), and Buffalo QB Vince Young. Young spoke out about this release on Twitter,

More names, surprising or not, will continue to trickle in as we head towards the doomsday of Friday’s final cuts. Stay tuned to for more details as they emerge…

Update: Rams have also cut  OL Kevin Hughes, RB Calvin Middleton, LB Alex Hoffman-Ellis, WRs Brandyn Harvey, WR Charles Gilbert, WR Danario Alexander, TE Brody Eldridge, LS Travis Tripucka, OL Ryan McKee