The St. Louis Rams Defense and Special Teams Play Save the Day as the Rams Improve to 2-2


The explanation is plain and simple, the St. Louis Ram’s greatly improved defense and special teams play has been out of this world in the 2012 season. With the Seahawks coming off a questionable win last Monday night and the Rams losing on the road at Chicago, the odds-makers continue to disrespect the Rams and made Seattle an one point favorite. But the Rams are slowly being molded by Jeff Fisher and his staff into a team to be dealt with weekend and week-out. And to anyone who watched the game, to see the fans so fired up and energized as they where was a very welcome site as it is hard to remember hearing the dome being so noisy.

Before I get into talking about the defense and special teams, I must comment on Steven Jackson. In the past, being truly the lone offensive weapon on offense, Steven maybe pushed himself too much when dinged up and put himself at risk for a career ending injury when trying to lead this team. Now, his health is closely monitored and his play count controlled to get the most production from his play. He may not like it much, but as a fans, we do want him to be part of this new era and be part of the potential success. Steven, you are the heart and fire of this team!

Yesterday, Seattle’s tough defense and the legs of the Seahawk’s Marshawn Lynch (20 rushes for 118 Yds. and 1T.D.) kept the game close to the end. St. Louis’ defense did their part by forcing Russell Wilson into 3 interceptions, sacked him twice and a Quarterback rating of 45.8. Sam Bradford and the Rams offense couldn’t get the ball into the end-zone again this week due to untimely penalties, inaccurate throws and a couple of times due to miscommunication. But, most all of us will take the 19-13 victory.

And to those draft pundits who criticized Les Snead and Jeff Fisher for ‘Wasting’ a draft pick on a kicker, you should be hung in effigy next to the World Championship banner hanging in the Jones Dome. Greg Zuerlien, I dub thee the Missouri ‘ Cyclone’ as the new franchise record holder for not once, but twice breaking the record in one game. I hope you’re enjoying the view Josh Brown, saved your money or waiting and hoping for the Washington Redskins to call. While not a heads above the player he replaced like the ‘Cyclone’, punter Johnny Hekker has done an fantastic job including the touch-down throw to Danny Amendola that surprised quite a few and was the difference maker in the game.

Meet Nervous Ned

With a little nudging, I convinced my friend Ned to do some commentary on the highlights of yesterdays game. Here you go

As this is my last posting here, I want to thank Ramblin Fan, the writers and all of you who viewed and hopfully enjoyed everything I did here. Again, Thank You!