Kansas City Chief’s Dwayne Bowe To St. Louis Rams?


Dec 11, 2011; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe (82) receives a pass during the third quarter against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

You know things are bad when you’ve got Brady Quinn starting as your quarterback. Kansas City Chiefs were expected to be an AFC West contender, but instead they see themselves struggling at 1-5. Now Dwayne Bowe wants out from Kansas City, in search for a new home. Players with Bowe’s attributes very seldom hit the trade market. Bowe will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season and is expected to raise a lot of attention from around the league. Bowe has averaged 76 catches for 1160 yards and 10 touchdowns over the previous two seasons which are remarkable statistics when you consider what quarterbacks have been throwing to him in recent years.

It would be ludicrous if the Chiefs were to offer him a new contract when he has already stated that he wants to leave. No club wants a player who would rather be somewhere else. One would expect New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills and St. Louis Rams to be interested in luring in this Pro Bowl wideout.

Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins will be a big player in trying to secure Bowe, especially after losing Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears. The Dolphins received an extra second and third round draft pick from losing Marshall and Vontae Davis, so expect Dolphins to dangle those draft picks out in order to trade them for Bowe.

New York Jets
The New York Jets have been plagued by injuries this year. The Jets have lost their wide receiver Santonio Holmes, (who is their best player on offense) for the rest of the season. Terrell Owens made a shout out, but don’t expect the Jets to be sucked in. Bowe on the other hand, will fit in nicely to the struggling New York Jets team. Although the Jets aren’t having the year that they were hoping for, they find themselves sitting both equal first and last – it just depends on whether you see the glass half full or half empty.

Buffalo Bills
Like the Dolphins and Jets, the Bills see themselves sitting at 3-3 equal first and last in the AFC East division. When C.J Spiller and Fred Jackson are both playing, the Bills’ running game is one of the best in the NFL. Their problem lies in the passing game. Stevie Johnson is their number one wideout, having another solid season. The Bills will succeed if they add Bowe, as not only will they have a genuine red-zone target, but this will also take double coverage away from Johnson. The AFC West is up for grabs and Dwayne Bowe will make any one of the three teams a contender for the playoffs.

St. Louis Rams 
Danny Amendola is an elite slot receiver who is fearless in the middle, but he also happens to be injured. The Rams are hoping he will be ready to go for week 10. Regardless of whether he is in the team or not, the Rams are still lacking wide receivers on the outside. Brandon Gibson and Chris Givens have stepped up and have made Sam Bradford’s job a little easier, but neither wideouts are the answer to the Rams’ offensive problems. Should the Rams chase for Bowe? Or should they use one of their two first round draft picks on a wideout? Either way, if Rams did get Bowe, they would be crazy to trade one of their first round draft picks. The only unrestricted free agent wide receiver who would be worth a first round draft pick is Mike Wallace. This should be the player that the Rams target either before trade deadline (week 8), or during the off season.

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