St. Louis Rams Get Little Love In Week 9 NFL Power Rankings


The Rams are coming off back to back blowout losses to two offensive juggernauts. I would be willing to bet that this is the last place the the Rams wanted to be heading into the bye week, but yet, here we are… The mainstream, NFL could easily have destroyed the Rams, but instead that marked them down only moderately over the last three weeks. The St. Louis Rams can be found anywhere from the middle of the league (Bleacher Report) to their typical spot at the bottom of the NFL (SBNation). Anyways, here are the rankings from around the league. 24th, Down 4 Spots

“Hey, the St. Louis Rams were ballin’ … with 12:25 left in the first quarter. So Rams fans have that to hang their hat on. Danny Amendola comes back soon, so that’s good. What else? Uhh … alrighty then.”

SBNation: 28th, Down 1 Spot

“A soft Patriots pass defense was supposed to be a coming out party for Sam Bradford and the Rams offense. They scored seven points on a first quarter touchdown and took the rest of the day off, along with a thoroughly confused defense.”

 CBS Sports: 21st, Down 2 Spots

“Tom Brady does what he did to them to a lot of young teams. They have come back to reality in the past couple of weeks against Aaron Rodgers and Brady.”

ESPN: 23rd, Down 2 Spots

“The Rams have allowed 75 points in two games after allowing 56 in their previous four. (Sando)”

Fox Sports: 27th, Down 2 Spots

“The Rams scored first on Sunday against New England, but were hanging on for dear life for the rest of the game. The Rams have outplayed their talent for the majority of the first eight games and that just won’t sustain itself for the duration of an entire season.”

 Bleacher Report: 16th, Down 3 Spots

“The St. Louis Rams found themselves on the wrong end of a New England Patriots revenge tour. A throttling by Bill Belichick’s crew in London won’t sit easy for the Rams, but it’s a learning experience and proof of how much further the team has to go. There are moments when this team looks unbeatable. While we didn’t see that in Week 8, we’ve seen it before. Sam Bradford is playing much better football, and that may be lost due to a very low talent level around him. It’s clear that Brian Schottenheimer and Bradford click. On defense, Jeff Fisher’s imprint has been noticeable. The tough, aggressive style that Fisher prefers is making its appearance in St. Louis. No player better represents that than Cortland Finnegan. The tough-nosed cornerback is the poster boy for playing rough.”